Secure Perimeter Fencing That’s Smart and Alert

Whether it’s kids throwing stones, thieves stealing your tools or salespeople pestering you for your credit card details, a strong perimeter fence is an effective deterrent against unwanted intrusion. But you want more than just a physical barrier to prevent trespassers – you need a security solution that’s intelligent and alerts you when someone approaches. That’s why the 5 Ds of security (Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay, and Defend) are important to the success of your site security.

The outermost layer is all about visual deterrence, including signage, lighting, and fencing that makes it clear that a property is protected. This can be supplemented with CCTV and motion sensors to detect trespassers and trigger an alarm.

To further deter unauthorized access, the fence must be designed to be difficult or impossible to breach. This is achieved with security fencing that’s hard to climb or cut, like a weld mesh strained wire system or a six-foot high steel palisade. These systems can be topped with razor wire to further discourage attempts at penetration and provide an added level of security that can only be breached by a professional criminal.

No security fence is completely impenetrable, but it’s possible to design one that delays an attack by denying access to a site or its most sensitive areas. This is where gates, parking controls, road blockers, and other barriers come into play. They’re all designed to slow down an attacker and give you time to take action.

While it’s easy to dismiss a security fence as ‘just a fence’, the right solution can help protect valuable resources and mitigating threats that go beyond vandalism and theft to include terrorism. Utility sites are particularly vulnerable to these kinds of attacks, as they provide critical services to society. To help ensure that the electricity, water, gas, and communication networks are never compromised, secure perimeter fencing is essential to thwart external threats.

The best way to do this is with a pulse fence from Gallagher, an intelligent fence that’s both a deterrent and an alerting device. The fence consists of energized, high-tensile wire that’s built inside a new fence or can be added to an existing structure. If the energized wires are touched, they will trigger an alarm, which can be activated from a remote control or by using motion detectors that are installed within the fence.